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Silencer 500 EPS12V

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Silencer 500 EPS12V
Unrattle your nerves with the economical, ultra quiet Silencer 500 EPS12V power supply from PC Power & Cooling. Its premium quality fan and low-turbulence circuitry reduce audible noise by up to 90% (10db). The Silencer 500 EPS12V power supply strikes a perfect balance between power, reliability and acoustics.
  • 500W @ 40C (550W Peak)
  • Reduces Noise up to 90%
  • .99 Power Factor Correction
  • SLI-Certified
  • 80+ Bronze Certified (85%)
  • 14 Drive Connectors
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control
  • 5-Year Warranty and Support

Reviews about the Silencer 500 EPS12V

"This PC Power & Cooling Silencer 500 EPS 12V is available at a mainstream price. This 500W unit is 80 PLUS and SLI certified Ė thatís what is exactly needed for a mainstream rig."

PC3 (Hong Kong)
"The Silencer 500 mimics the design of the Silencer 610, appropriately, with ventilation on the sides and an 80mm fan at the rear. However, itís quite a bit shorter in length. The 500 heated things up on the inside but never buckled during its two-hour test run. Further, the efficiency rating clocks in at 82%. PC&C claims that its low-turbulence circuitry cuts down on the noise by up to 90%. The black matte finish is utilitarian enough to mask any scratches it may have acquired during installation. The malleable sleeving never restricted us from manipulating cables within the chassis.If you want stability without too much flash, you can consider the Silencer 500 your next power investment."

CPU Magazine
"From these tests we see some pretty solid performance. The 3.3V line was rock solid during testing, and the 5V and 12V lines stayed relatively consistent. Most people wouldn't expect a quad-core rig with Crossfire graphics cards to run well on 500W, but the Silencer is a testament to the fact that it can with a high quality power supply. The Silencer stays true to its name, as it stayed very quiet throughout all testing. Because PC Power & Cooling puts an inch of space in front of the fan, there is very little air turbulence within the unit, keeping the air movement over the fan very quiet. Given its performance and silence, it's definitely a great bang for the buck, and earns the Seal of Approval."
"The Silencer 500 leaves a great impression when it comes to external appearance and packaging. The build quality is very good as always. From the performance side of the equation, the power supply does well. The efficiency is also good, reaching up to 86% with 230VAC and up to 84% with 120VAC. In terms of pricing, we have the next surprise, as the Silencer 500 will be a bargain (relatively speaking). PCP&C is known for being more expensive than competing models, but this time they're competitive with similar quality 500W offerings."


Mfr. PN: PPCS500
Shipping Weight: 6.00 Lbs (2.73 Kgs)
Specsheet Diagram Connectors Manual Mechanical Drawing Dimensions
5 Year Warranty
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