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Turbo-Cool 1200

Turbo-Cool 1200
As the newest model in the renowned PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool series, the robust Turbo-Cool 1200 power supply is truly the ultimate next-gen PSU! This Single-Rail power house (+12V @ 100A) will provide optimum distribution of rock-solid power for the most demanding configurations possible. Delivering a continuous 1.2 Kilowatts (1400W peak) with a high efficiency rating of 83%, the Turbo-Cool 1200 is the ultimate power supply solution for those that require the very best, long-lasting, industrial-grade components for their mission-critical system or cutting-edge gaming machine. NVIDIA® SLI™ Certified to the highest level (3-way SLI), the Turbo-Cool 1200 power supply (1200w PSU) is built to last and absolutely future-proof!
  • 1.2KW Continuous (1.4KW peak) @ 50°C
  • Fits Std. ATX Cases (20" min. depth)
  • +12VDC @ 100A (115A pk) (Massive Single Rail)
  • High Efficiency (83%); .98 Active PFC
  • Rock-Solid, Super-Clean DC Output
  • 24-pin, Dual 8-pin, 4-pin M/B Connectors
  • Six PCI-E and 17 Drive Connectors
  • NVIDIA® SLI Certified (Up to Tri-SLI GTX280)
  • Individual 14-point Certified Test Report
  • 7-Year Warranty; Unbeatable Support

Reviews about the Turbo-Cool 1200

"The new PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200W power supply was designed for industry professionals who demand the very best. The Turbo-Cool 1200W power supply exhibits excellent build quality and is backed by PC Power & Cooling's new 7-year Turbo-Cool warranty and legendary support. For rock-solid, extremely clean outputs and excellent build quality the PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200W power supply brings home the gold."

PC Perspective
"We found the Turbo-Cool 1200 to have very stable voltage output that did not fluctuate during periods of heavy load. And because this PSU is geared toward the high end, it’s outfitted with a multitude of connectors…This PSU is built so well and provides so much power that it should last through multiple upgrade cycles and provide years of trouble-free service."
"The PC Power and Cooling T12M power supply, which is certified to work with the Nvidia tri-SLI configuration, provides 1200 watts -- and this PC needed that juice to run like we wanted it to. The Test Center's quest to build the "Ultimate PC" achieved this: the highest-performing computer ever to power up in our lab, but with a much lower price tag than previous Ultimate PCs.

No overclocking necessary. Without even pushing it beyond the 3.2 GHz clockspeed that the Core i7 965 Extreme provided, the Ultimate PC broke all of the Test Center's records for performanceThe total bill-of-materials price tag, including the dual-monitor display, came to just over $8,700. It's the first time we've built an Ultimate PC for less than $10,000 in material and component costs, at much greater performance than ever before."

CRN Test Center: The Ultimate PC
"The voltages on the Turbo-Cool 1200 W are as perfect as they can get. Delivering minimal deflections on all rails, we can’t do anything but cheer. The power supply also fulfills the requirements for the 80 plus program, and is RoHS approved as well. A good thing in these environmental focused times. PC Power & Cooling once again deliver a quality product from top to toe, and earn our warmest recommendations."

Hardware.no (Norway)
"When looking at your power supply you need to chose carefully as this is highly important. Like all other components of the Perfect Computer 2009 we make sure that they are “future proof” In our opinion, the PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200 is the best PSU on the market at the moment, it enables us to run up to 4 VGA cards with an average output of 1200W (1400W peak). The efficiency is extremely high, runs stable and save operations. The overall quality is backed by PC Power & Cooling with a 7 year warranty program. The Turbo-Cool 1200 has been chosen as the PSU for the Perfect Computer 2009. "

HispaZone (Spain)
"TurboCool 1200: High-End PSU of the Year!

The PC Power & Cooling TurboCool 1200 is a beast of a PSU which is targeted at the extreme enthusiasts. The PSU has extremely stable, with extremely high efficiency of over 80%. In addition to that the ripple is extremely low on all rails. This is due to the excellent components used and the unique design of the unit. Last but not least the PSU comes with a 7 year warranty – a safe investment for sure! "

Hardware.no (Norway)
"Even under load of 900-1000W the 1.2KW monster from PC Power & Cooling stays completely stable. The 12V rail is extremely stable, under full load it doesn’t move more than 0.05 – 0.08V. The complete overclocked system with 1.85V v-Core on the CPU and 1.50V GPU on all graphic cards, was running at the limit for two hours without any issues. The cable management of the Turbo-Cool 1.2KW is very clever, it contains 6 PCIe Connectors for the VGA cards which is a big advantage. The PSU temperature remained low during the entire test and the noise level can also be seen as low."

Award Fabrik (Germany)
"The Turbo-Cool 1200W is simply a beast which is manufactured for the most demanding environments. The quality shows and is backed up with a 7 year warranty program and the 14 point test report is something unique. When it comes to built quality and performance the Turbo-Cool is the new benchmark for us. Some might argue about the price but considering the quality components used for this PSU we believe the price is more than fair. "

Teschke (Germany)

Mfr. PN: T12W
Shipping Weight: 9.99 Lbs (4.54 Kgs)
Specsheet (1,070k PDF) Manual Mechanical Drawing Dimensions
7 Year Warranty
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