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Silencer 610 EPS12V

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Silencer 610 EPS12V
Our Silencer 610 EPS12V power supply gives you legendary PC Power and Cooling performance and reliability along with a unique ultra-quiet cooling design and a price that seals the deal.
  • 610W Continuous @ 40C (670W Peak)
  • Up to 90% (10dB) Less Noise per Watt
  • EPS12V / NVIDIA® SLI Certified (Dual 7900GTX)
  • 80+ Certified (83%); .99 Active PFC
  • +12VDC @ 49A (Large Single Rail)
  • 24-pin, 8-pin*, 4-pin M/B Connectors
  • 2 PCI-E and 15 Drive Connectors
  • Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit
  • Black Finish
  • 5-Year Warranty and Tech Support

* To install the 6/8-pin power connector of your Silencer 610 into an NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2 card, start with the 2-pin breakaway connector first and then insert the 6-pin connector.

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Reviews about the Silencer 610 EPS12V

"This is a 610 W power supply without any fancy feature like modular cabling system or 120-mm fan, but providing all the specs a regular user needs nowadays: active PFC, high efficiency (83% nominal, between 83% and 88% measured), two power connectors for video cards, a nominal power high enough to feed both mainstream and high-end video cards and what is more important: this power supply can truly deliver 610 W of power under 45º C. Another highlight of this product is its warranty (five years, which is far more than most manufacturers give). Since this power supply passed flawlessly all our tests – and continued working after that –, is really able to deliver its labeled power at 45º C and provides a high efficiency, this is definitely a model we recommend, and that is why we are giving it our Golden Award Seal "

Hardware Secrets
"The Silencer 610W is yet another exceptional high performance PSU coming from PC Power & Cooling. For those who care about the electrical performance of a PSU above all else the Silencer 610W will be a very satisfactory choice. It is one of the most stable units we have ever tested and will not show any sign of instability even during very large changes on its load and it also is very efficient. Another strong point of the Silencer 610W is the unreasonably good acoustics performance as the unit is extremely silent despite being cooled by a small 80mm fan. The Silencer 610W EPS12V unit on the other hand is very reasonably priced and is one of the cheapest units available in the 600-700W range making it a very sweet deal for people who want a high performance unit and the aesthetics are a secondary factor. Taking everything into account, we believe that the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W EPS12V unit rightfully earns our Editors Choice."

Driver Heaven
"The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 delivers clean power with tight voltage regulation all the way to its full rated output. In electrical performance, it is consistently excellent. The Silencer 610 is competitively priced with other high profile quiet PSU brands. The 5-year warranty is very generous."
"This ultra-quiet PSU really earns its Silencer namesake. This PSU is capable of operating 10dB quieter than more cramped PSUs. It's no pushover, either. If you're looking for a powerful single-rail PSU capable of handling a high-end graphics card and/or quad core CPU in near silence, then the Silencer 610 EPS 12V is your best option. "

CPU Magazine: Power Supply Buying Guide
"Continuing the excellent reputation of PC Power & Cooling, with a combination of OCZ's excellent warranty and support makes the Silencer 610W a winner. Many reviewers with professional testing equipment obtained mostly equally as excellent test results. From its excellent build quality from the inside to the outside, absolutely hardcore in performance (Well, it did work in -18c weather), large 49A single +12V rail, and best of all, the first decently quiet PC Power & Cooling power supply I used makes the Silencer 610W a well round power supply that offers surprisingly great value for what you get."

APH Networks
"If you want a decent power supply you won’t go wrong with PCP&C. PC Power and cooling have the brand reputation for a reason. They make top quality power supplies again and again time after time. The silencer 610W is no exception, and I could go on filling this conclusion with what makes this power supply so great, but instead I will simply give it the award it deserves. The silencer stays close to its rated voltage at all times. I can honestly say I this PSU has the tightest voltage regulation that I have ever seen. Job well done PCP&C! "

Xtreme Computing
"Power efficency was good with very little fluctuations in all the voltage lines. It easily passed our "240W Peltier Test". Overall, I'm very pleased with its stability and performance. If you're a mainstream user or gamer who's after a rock solid stable power supply with plenty of juice, then look no further. The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W power supply is your affordable answer."

"The Silencer’s potential advantages can be found in its maker’s PSU-building experience and ideas. The one large single-rail and ultra-quiet cooling design certainly set it apart from most competing products on sale today while the solid and high-quality build quality seal the deal on a power supply that’s worth considering. For about $120 or 80 euros one can find in the Silencer 610W a sturdy and well-performing PSU, with SLI certification which boasts quite few less than common features."

TechConnect Magazine
""This 610W unit outdid its specs by a large margin.""

"The voltage regulation appears to be pretty good with only a couple of small 0.01V drops. The looks of the Silencer 610 may not impress you but the performance is splendid. This unit delivers a lot of power, a fine build quality, high efficiency and it's backed up by a long 5-year warranty. The Silencer 610 retails for about $119 (or less) which is a pretty good price for a high quality power supply. "

DarkVision Hardware
"The Silencer 610 has proven that buying a PC Power & Cooling product can also mean you can get phenomenal value for your money. This power supply wowed us with its performance in every test we threw at it and did justice to its legendary predecessors by holding itself to a standard achieved by very few of its competitors. Hardware Canucks has now reviewed over 20 power supplies in the 500W to 650W category and this product from PC Power & Cooling rightly holds the mantle of the best supply we have tested to date when it comes to pure performance."

Hardware Canucks
"Beating competing PSU models such as Corsair VX 450W, Be Quiet! StraightPower 600W and 550W, Apevia Iceberg 680W, Antech TruePower Trio 650W, and Hiper Type-R 580W, the Silencer proved its grit at Hardware Logic: Way to go PC Power and Cooling, good and clean power! The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V power supply is a solid performer with a strong warranty. If you are looking for a PSU for a serious application in the 600 watt range, this one should be among your considerations. If you are really serious about pushing a system and need something solid, the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V certainly fits the bill."

Hardware Logic
"The voltages were very stable. The rest of the rails were spot on. Probably the most stable we’ve seen in a power supply, the Silencer performed like a real winner. The Silencer shined again when it came to noise and heat. The 80mm fan on the Silencer was whisper quiet and the exhaust blown out was slightly warm meaning the Silencer was coping very well under stress. The Silencer 610 is a phenomenal power supply. Once again PC Power & Cooling have shown that they’re still at the top of their game. We can’t really find anything wrong with this power supply which would make us hesitate in recommending it to anyone."

Tech Gear
"For this price the Silencer is an amazing value considering the reputation behind this Power Supply. The Silencer was quiet throughout testing and we had no issues with stability even when loading the PC with multiple real world applications. OCZ has once again scored huge, not only producing a high quality product but delivering it at a price point that is affordable to everyone."

3D Xtreme
"The voltage regulation is good, the noise is low in normal use and this PSU has a very good efficiency. Therefore if you must change your power supply then pick and go!"

"PC Power & Cooling's Silencer 610EPS12V is a solid, well constructed, high quality power supply. It performed admirably as per the Certified Test Report, and proved that a power supply can perform silently and unobtrusively. What will impress you is the way that this power supply performs. The voltage output remained stable under all conditions as we could not stress the supply to its limits. Its pure silent operation is not just a marketing gimmick from PC Power & Cooling. It is in fact a reality."

"In a market that's becoming more and more crowded with companies battling it out based on features and wattage alone, it's really quite refreshing to see PC Power & Cooling's take on building a power supply, focusing on reliability, stability, and producing clean, consistent power as required to keep your system running stably. Take a look beyond the plain packaging of the Silencer 610W and you find a solid, sturdily built and well thought-out PSU. Modular or not, the Silencer 610W certainly isn't left wanting for connectivity either, with plenty of Serial ATA and Molex connectors matched with enough PCI Express power for SLI or a high-end board such as the Radeon HD 3870 X2 - again, as with this unit's wattage, enough for the vast majority of users out there. Given the reputation of PC Power & Cooling as a company coupled with their warranty, build quality and performance, it's almost a must-buy if you're looking for a reasonably priced power supply and don't have a system with massive Wattage demands."

Elite Bastards
"The Silencer 610 is a fantastic power supply. At a decent price you get a SLI and 80plus certified unit that is extremely quiet"

Award Fabrik (Germany)
"The Silencer 610 is SLI certified and comes with plenty of connectors. Design and built quality are excellent. Comparable to the results of the 750, during our 8 days testing the Silencer 610 stayed extremely stable and even under full load the PSU cools all components well due to the efficient design and 80mm fan. We achieved an efficiency of over 84% which is very good and even our highend gaming system couldn’t push the unit to the limit. "

Gamezoom (Germany)
"It seems PC Power & Cooling has another winner on their hands here. PCP&C stands out with better overall performance, less variance in its rails, less variance when overclocked, and closer to advertised rail voltages; pretty much a winner all around. It seems since our last review the Silencer series has become even more affordable and no longer resides at that high end exclusive club when it comes to price. It certainly resides in that club when it comes to performance and that is why we have no qualms when it comes giving it our recommendation as one of the best values in power supplies."

"PC Power and Cooling keeps on selling their product at a low price point. But the goal isn't to have a low quality, low price product. From the stability to the efficiency everything has been studied to be as good as possible. PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610W 's stability is one of the best of our folder. We did not measures the noise level, but the PSU seems to be quiet. The perfect PSU doesn't exist yet, but this Silencer 610W is near to what it should be. So if you are searching for a PSU upgrade, then PC Power & Cooling has the good solution. It has a great quality and performance, for a reasonable price. "

Froggytest (France)
"This is a 610 W power supply without any fancy feature like modular cabling system or 120-mm fan, but providing all the specs a regular user needs nowadays. Since this power supply passed flawlessly all our tests, and continued working after that, is really able to deliver its labeled power at 45º C and provides a high efficiency, this is definitely a model we recommend, and that is why we are giving it our Recommended Product Award Seal."

Clube do Hardware (Brazil)
"When it comes to brand recognition in the PC power supply market, PC Power and Cooling is the geek equivalent of Ferrari. The rails are rock solid, and the efficiency is top notch."

Club Overclocker
"The Silencer 610 is a great power supply that can power the best of systems. The 610 watts should power that SLI system you so love."

"PC Power & Cooling did a surprising choice with the 80mm fan. Tensions did not fluctuate at all during our tests. This Silencer is an honour to its name since you can't hear it even at full charge! This unit is a pure success, as well as its attractive pricing for a 600W PSU. "
"The Silencer 610 was very stable during all our tests, it performs very well and price/quality ratio is excellent. The Silencer is a complete product when we look at the price and its performance compared to competitors. The Silencer 610 doesn’t get warm, even with its 80mm fan. Besides, it is very silent, you need to put your ear very close to the PSU to hear a very low sound. The Silencer 610 has an excellent quality, perfect stability and a price that makes it a dream PSU, so why wait longer, go for this PSU! "

Total-Tuning (France)
"PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 is focused on high performance and a low noise level. As we can see, the Silencer is a huge surprise! Even during heavy overclock the unit was completely stable something you don't see very often even with A brand manufactures, this is a big plus for sure! The noise level is extremely low, just like PC Power & Cooling and OCZ promise. Because of all these plus points we have to give the Silencer 610 four stars."

Bouween PC (Netherlands)
"As you can see, the difference of the voltages is minimal. And even under load, the PSU stays stable. The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W is an excellent stable PSU. This PSU has plenty of connectors and an excellent price/performance ratio. Therefore, the Silencer 610 receives our Must Have Award. "

TechZine (Netherlands)
"The results of the Silencer 610W are quite impressive. During the test we realized that this Silencer 610W is a good performer, which impressed us by its stability and its silence. We therefore give the Silencer 610W our Silver Award. "

DNR Hardware
"Power , power and some more power…What else can you ask from a power supply? All of the 3 models we have tested have shown outstanding performance , Excellent build quality and perfect stability throughout all of our tests. The 610W, featuring sleeved cables, SLI certification , and wide range of connectors , are truly power monsters , with excellent build quality, high output range, and excellent efficiency. Considering excellent Voltage regulation , and the fact all of the models comes with 5 years warranty - PCP&C power supplies the first choice for any user, from low budget systems to high-end enthusiast! "

"The Silencer offers more than an excellent quality and satisfactory performance. The Silencer 610W allows supplying power to last generation systems. The Silencer takes care of our ears, because it is very quiet, it produces less than 19db (A). It’s an amazing PSU considering the small size of the fan! "

PC Achat (France)
"PC Power & Cooling Silencer series 610W psu’s don’t have details like shiny coat paint or neon lights inside. Instead of these details PC Power & Cooling has produced a psu that meets all our expectations. Under 45 degrees centigrade operation conditions these psu’s can deliver contiuously 610W power above 85% efficieny, high currents on the single 12V rail as 49A and 60A, and by operating quietly and cool with high quality components we definitely like these psu’s."

PC Labs (Turkey)

Mfr. PN: S61EPS
Shipping Weight: 7.00 Lbs (3.18 Kgs)
Specsheet Why it's Quiet Connectors Diagram Manual Dimensions
5 Year Warranty
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