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"I want to give you my thoughts on the Silence 750 Black I just bought. One word, SUPERIOR! I had never heard of PC Power and Cooling until a week ago when I was looking for a replacement power supply. I did a Goggle search and read 5 reviews all giving the Silence 750 top rating. I recieved my Silence 750 yesterday and was absolutely thrilled. This power supply is built like a tank and is heavy. It just screams of quality. I love the sleeved wires and more connectors than I will ever need. I will definately be showing off this baby and recommending it to friends. Yes, it was expensive, as power suppliers go, but worth every penny + no one else offered a 5 year warranty. I am one happy customer. Thank you for such a quality product. I definately feel I got what I paid for and that is rare today."

James Glenn Jr.

"Around the year 2000 I bought a turbo cool 350 watt power supply from your company. To this day it is still going strong, powering a second computer I made for my home. Seven years of service out of a power supply in 2 machines is beyond any reliability expectations! Oct/2006 is when I bought a new power supply for my main computer. I strayed from your company and went with "true power." Boy was that a huge mistake! It decided to zonk out after 3 months! Now I can't exchange it because it is no longer made (I wonder why!); But I was able to receive a refund from the website I bought it from. I then went straight back to your website to buy the Silencer 470 ATX. From this point on I will never buy any other computer power supply. Please keep up the great work in making the best PC power supplies on earth!"

Eric Mudd

"I bought a Silencer 750 Refurb. from you about a month ago. Initially there was some confusion as to whether I should be using it, as my cse is a rack mount, and turns the PSU upside down, which Blocks the Air intake for an Inductor in the Power Supply. After talking to Bob Roark however, he asked the appropriate questions, and said it would be fine. I wanted you to know how Much I appreciate your company, and your personnel. All of them. Everyone I have talked to, acts as if they really care about your companies reputation. Which, by the way, is Stellar.
I have PC Power & Cooling PSU's in ALL my Computers here now in my lab. 32 of them, mostly very large servers. I am happy with all of them. I have NEVER had a failure, and, they run 24 x 7 x 365 days. I will continue to recommend your PSU's to Everybody that needs a PSU. Like the old saying goes, you can pay me now, or, Pay me later. And, there are a lot of people out there, spending 99$ for 750 watt PSU's. You get what you pay for. If, they came anywahere NEAR drawing that much power, they would have a CINDER.
Cheers to you PC P&C."

Robert M. Lundien Jr., PhD

"Hello Bob,
Here is my system:
Intel Core 2 duo 6600 and 6700 Core 2 duo, overclocked to 3.6-3.65ghz upped voltage. Corsair 9136 C5 D memory and Corsair 8500 C5D both types of memory are overclocked with upped voltage. EVGA 680i Motherboard. Two 8800GTX SLI. 2 10k WD raptor hard drives in raid 0. Lian-Li VC1200BplusII case. Zalman CPU cooler 9500, Corsair memory coolers, Three 120mm case fans.
Anyways with everything full maxed out and overclocked I was able to run 8 hours of 3dmark06 advanced and basic with average score of 15399. The new 750 was able to not only power the system easily in stock settings for cpu but ran all components in overclocked states rock solid. You guys have a winner. Trust me the new 8800GTX cards in SLI put out some serious heat and wattage. Just idling they run 70C and at full speed they hit 80C. I also had USB drives and other USB items running on these tests.
Thanks again for giving me a chance to beta test this Quad SLI 750 Silencer. It's the best PSU I have ever had and totally silent. All my gaming buddies are chomping at the bit to buy this unit so hurry and release it. You guys will corner the market for that price point."

Tony Vu

"Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks - once again... I'm now on my 4th PC Power & Cooling power supply (Turbo Cool 510 ASL) - the first PC Power & Cooling power supply is still happily humming away on an old 24x7 server. The T51ASL is for my new toy - a power hungry over-clocked Opteron in a SLI board from DFI (their 'Expert' mother-board requires a special 8-pin connector in addition to the normal 24 pin ATX connector).
For the record, my new computer case came with a "super-duper" 600W power-supply (made in China) that was roughly half the weight of an bird-egg. The "Bird Egg" has never been powered on, it was dismantled for amusement (I'll send pictures if interested), it was indeed a joke !!!
I was quite pleased when the T51ASL arrived with its 30+ amps on the +12v rail (most retail power supplies can barely pull off 20A) - just a solid little black brick with the right power-connectors (thanks for putting the black nylon netting over *all* the wires).
Usually I'm frustrated with what seems to be a perpetual lack of quality in retail products - your product differs quite markedly, delivering high-quality power thru high quality compunents in a solidly designed product that just lasts.The only power supplys that I buy (and recommend) is from PC Power & Cooling - it just goes in - and always works !!
Thanks, keep up the good work, and don't let the competitive margins cut your corners!!"


"I'm mailing to let you know that the 510 Deluxe has arrived already & I,m blown away. I must say, I,m totally relieved that you have the same design & build ethic that I hold so dear. I've weathered the HiFi scene long enough to know that the power supply is the heart & soul of any system.
By the way, I'm replacing a highly touted Antec case, which came with a supposedly purposeful (Antec) supply, but only lasted 18 months. We may be situated at the end of our substation distribution supply line with voltage tolerances at the extreme, but Antec fell way short of expectations."

All the very best to you all, John Spencer

"For my primary crucial computer I will take a PCP&C PS any day over an Antec. My son, my daughter, and I have them in our main PC's. Antec PS's are nowhere near as well built, much worse tolerances, just plain cheaper. The PCP&C are rock steady, very dependable, fantastic customer service, and you will get your five years."

Ed W. NY

"The way I talked myself into the PCP&C was to compare prices with Enermax Holding one in your hand might help you make up your mind. Or open one up. If you were comparing a Chevy and a BMW, and you could afford the BMW, which would you get?"

Bob Gibson Lexington, KY

"I just received my Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe and I couldn't be happier. I just built myself a new top of the line computer and the Turbo-Cool 510 was my most eagerly anticipated component. I was having voltage problems with my Antec True430 in my older system, my +3.3v, +5v, and +12v were reading 3.10v, 4.49v, and 11.65v respectively. While waiting for all my parts to arrive to build my new system, I replaced the Antec PSU with your Turbo-Cool 510 ATX Deluxe. The first thing I noticed were that the braided cables made hooking up my components extremely easy. The next thing noticed were the voltage readings. They were perfect! No more power problems!
This was my first PC Power & Cooling product that I have bought, but it certainly won't be the last.
When you have a top of the line video card, motherboard, memory, hard drives, and processor and the only component that you brag about to your friends is the power supply, to me, that says alot about your product.
Thank you for making such great products."

Stephen Franklin

"Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe! is the best power supply ever. A few months ago I purchased the Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe and was extremely pleased by the high quality of the power supply. The other day we had a brownout. All the lights dimmed and my three computers were on. Two of the computers rebooted because of the brownout, but the computer that had the Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe installed in it worked great right through it like nothing happened. All the computers are hooked up to the same kind of surge protectors, so I am totally convinced that the Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe saved my computer from the brownout. Thank you very much for continuing making high quality and wonderful power supplies."

Dan McKee

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I finally picked up one of these units, and I absolutley love it. My last PC Power & Cooling supply was a Turbo-Cool 425 from about 5-6 years ago, I guess I forgot that you guys really know your shit. The Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe replaced an Enermax 550(ish) unit that the 12V rail was sagging so badly on, the spindle motors in my hard drives would drop out.
With the Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe, I'm at 4.1GHz with a 1.75V vcore, and still see exactly 1% regulation on the 12V rail. Enough said."


"It arrived Saturday, and I installed it immediately. I am pleased. Very pleased.
Before — KingWin Divine Wind 450 (28A on +3.3V, 45A on +5V, and 18A on +12V). Spontaneous reboots under moderate loads.
After — PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe (30A on +3.3V, 40A on +5V, and 34A on +12V). Rock-steady, stable PC under heavy loads.
Techs at two local PC shops told me that 450 watts were 'way adequate' for my AMD XP 2100+ rig running five case fans, two HDDs, a CD-ROM, and a Thermatake Volcano 11HSF, and I was inclined to agree... until I did some homework and found that the math doesn't work the way we all assume. It ain't necessarily all about the watts claims. I guess that in my case, it was all about what amps were or were not available on which rail to kick out the watts required. That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it.
I am one happy customer."

Ric Warbington

"I purchased your Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe power supply and now I am completely spoiled. I can never look at another power supply and feel it will provide adequate power to my systems.
I have always bought high-end power supplies like Antec TruePower 550, but the PCPC Turbo-Cool 510 ATX-Deluxe kicks its ass. My machines really run much better. I never worry about voltage. Even under maximum load, the 3.3V, 12V rails don't even budge.
Great Products"

Paul J. Poulin

"Hi. Your power supplies are the best! I was having trouble with my dual core Pentium Extreme 955 setup with nvidia 7950GX2 videocard and Intel D975XBX motherboard. The system would suddenly reboot or not boot at all. I had CoolerMaster's best 550 watt power supply in there and it couldn't handle it. I plopped in your Turbo-Cool 850 SSI and it didn't just work, it makes things smoother, faster and sounding better! I will be buying and recommending PC Power and Cooling from now on."

Jeff Nine

"I have just finished installing the 850 SSI I recently purchased from you to replace my over 5 year old 600. Iwould like to thank your company and the teck I spoke with at the time of the order. He was much more than ordinarily helpful in walking me through what I would need to do to install this power supply in the AT steel case I purchased from you in 1995. Your company also sent me a custom bracket for that case which, when I figured out how to use it, looks useful. It is now a little like having a porche motor in an old Studebaker, but that will change when I build my next system in a year or so. The 850 SSI barely notices my existing six internal drives, etc.
This purchase experience has confirmed that there is no place else for me to buy a power supply."

Sincerely, William H. Cook, Jr.

"I love the 850 and have noticed that my CPU and mobo temps have droped a few degrees C (both at idle and under load) from my old Antec TP 550 PSU. Everything else seems to work better (faster and more stable) too. And I can get higher overclocks by getting the CPU voltage up .2 volts higher to 1.8 without problems with my 3.46EE CPU. Thanks for making such a great product. I tell everybody not to even build a fast system without at least your 510, and preferrably the 850. I am impressed!"

Scott Freeman


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