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"I recently purchased a Silencer Mk II 750W. First, I could not believe how inexpensive it was, and second, after installation, I could not believe how quiet it was! WOW! The silence is defeating! LOL! Holy Cow! I was totally blown away by the absence of noise, and cannot believe I took so long to replace my older (by still working fine), Turbo 450 ATX. I am amazed. My workstation has 14-bays, and now the only thing I can hear sometimes, is only of my three hard drives accessing. If you keep making products like these, youíll be around for another 25 years."

Ted J. Williams

"Recently I bought a new Silencer 500W power supply to go with a computer rebuild. This was the first time I ever bought a high end power supply. Boy, am I ever glad that I did! This piece of equipment is a superb example of quality engineering & manufacturing. It is heavy, solid, virtually silent, and stays only slightly warmóa delight to own. Well done, people!"

Fred Harris

"Just got your Silencer 750 Quad (Red). Works like I expected, great! Iíve been using your PSís for decades. I remember building a number of systems with your PSís back in the early 90ís. During the construction phase I was switching one of the systems on and off and noticed it did not shut off instantaneously. Well I was a little disturbed, after all you want things to shut off when you turn them off. Then it hit me, duh... Wow. They donít shut off right away!!! I have since discovered the term holdup time. Those same systems in an office running with a number of off-the-shelf systems like IBMís and Compaqís, was hit by a thunder storm (all without UPSís), well the lights went completely off then back on again. All of the other systems were beeping away as they reset, the systems I built with your power supplies were humming away business as usual. Ever since then your PSís are all that I use and I recommend them every chance I can get. Thanks and keep up the quality."

William J. Thomas

"I was introduced to your products in Salt Lake City in November 2008 by Geek Box computers. My sister-in-law's PC needed a new power supply. I called around Salt Lake City and found it was worth the drive across town to buy the PC Power & Cooling power supply than to get another brand from a chain store. Your quality is outstanding. And the warranty is top notch."

Paul Boyd

"Dear Mr. Dodson, Just a quick note to compliment you on your professional and courteous staff. Having held a number of positions in Dell's European call centre here in Ireland from 1993 to 1999, I believe I am qualified to know professional, competent and friendly service on the telephone. I am not at all surprised that Ms. Gustafson is a member of management, given the thoroughly professional and helpful way she answered my query. She set my expectations correctly and did exactly what she said she would in the time she said she would do it in. Please extend my gratitude to her and her team. I will recommend your company to anyone I know that might need the products you supply."

Yours Sincerely, Eddie Corkery

"Just wanted to drop a small letter about your power supplies...My friend currently gave me his old computer which was a 3ghz P4 with a Radeon 9800 card. I had cannabalized my old computer (Pentium 3 1Ghz) for the hardware RAID card, Sound Card, front expansion bay for the sound card, and 2 additional fans for a total of 4. The power supply that was in it was dual-fan RAIDMAX 420 watt...I ran it for a few weeks, and it couldn't handle the extra two drives on top of the 3rd drives and other fans. So...I pulled my Turbo-Cool 425 from my old computer (which I bought in 2002 I believe) and the computer is running perfectly. I have bought one before the 425..which was a TC 350...it's really true...you get what you pay for, and this is just an example of it..4 years ago...and I can still use this power supply! with all the fans, cathode tube, 3 hard drives, 2 optical drives, and 5 PCI cards! PC Power and Cooling power supplies in my opinion are the absolute best when you are serious about high-performance. Keep up the outstanding work!"

Mario Peterson

"Good morning Mr. Dodson: Please be advised this is the first time I am doing business with your company. I am very new to the world of computer design, however the reputation of your company is only superceded by your outstanding employees. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Cassie and Tiffany via telephone. They were so kind and professional, I was compelled to E-mail you. Later in the afternoon I received an order verification E-mail notice from Cassie, again I was surprised. These past months it has been a futile effort for this writer to speak to a live person, let alone obtain a coherent response. Your employees have astounded me in all areas of humanity, kindness, and professionalism."

Thank you, Thomas M. Perina

I have just finished installing the 850 SSI I recently purchased from you to replace my over 5 year old 600. Iwould like to thank your company and the teck I spoke with at the time of the order. He was much more than ordinarily helpful in walking me through what I would need to do to install this power supply in the AT steel case I purchased from you in 1995. Your company also sent me a custom bracket for that case which, when I figured out how to use it, looks useful. It is now a little like having a porche motor in an old Studebaker, but that will change when I build my next system in a year or so. The 850 SSI barely notices my existing six internal drives, etc. This purchase experience has confirmed that there is no place else for me to buy a power supply."

Sincerely, William H. Cook, Jr.

"Thank you so much for your time. I received the PSU later the same day I emailed you. I've since installed it and my PC has never run better. All the random lockups and general weirdness has completely gone away. I would like to take the opportunity to say that your product is, without a doubt, the most solid and well built PSU I've ever seen. I'm thoroughly impressed by the quality throughout and the braided sleeves for all the cables are a very nice touch to an already outstanding product. I'm a senior member at two different tech forums and rest assured your products will be highly recommended when the opportunity arises.

Thanks again, David D. Brown

"I purchased a Silencer 360 power supply and auxiliary fan from you recently, and completed my new PC a week ago. Physically, the unit mounted perfectly, and the cables and connectors all went together nicely. I used an Intel D865GBF motherboard and run the "Active Monitor" software. My operating temperatures stay nicely in the "green" zone, and all voltages are dead-on. It was a pleasure to use this product!"

Thanks! Paul Huber

"The order I placed arrived promptly and upon opening the package I was pleasantly suprised by the weight of the Turbo-Cool 450 ATX power supply much more hefty and solid feeling than the 300W power supply I was replacing. Installation was painless and everything worked great."

John Kua

"I just thought I'd drop a note (along with another order) saying how impressive the Silencer Power Supply is. WOW!"

Greg Gibbons

"I have recently made two purchases from your website and I would like to express my appreciation for a job well done. You sell a high-quality product at a fair price and deliver in an expeditious manner. Your ability to track the shipment via the Web is also greatly appreciated. Nice to see in today's commerce world of many promises and little follow-through. I plan to advise my colleagues and associates of your attributes. Keep up the good work."

Robert L. Woerlee

"Just a quick note to let you know how delighted I am that PC Power and Cooling is still going strong. Beginning with my PC-XT many, many years ago, you have been the source of my PC power and cooling needs. The latest being the acquisition from you of your Silencer Accessory Fan, and a 300 SLIM Power Supply for my system. All are working in the usual flawless manner " a PC Power and Cooling standard. So, thanks for being there, and please keep on being there. Cheers!"

Waddell Robey

"I love your supplies - they rule!"

Effrem Norwood

"I purchased the 350 ATX Turbo-Cool power supply. Your product is great, and your service is also great."

Floyd O'Leary

"Even though I had bought only one unit, you made me feel like your biggest customer! Such a commitment to you customers is, I'm sure, the secret of your company's success. PC Power & Cooling is indeed the 'Cadillac' of its industry."

Gary Stanley

"I just wanted to thank you for being one of the few companies to actually deliver upon what you advertise and promise."

Scott Stokes

"An extra 75 watts of capacity and fan that moves twice as much air as before. I am satisfied. I'm VERY satisfied!"

Karl R. Hruska

"We have been photocopying your ads and passing them out to our customers, mainly computer dealers and third-party maintenance companies, suggesting that your superior power supplies should be installed as insurance against failures in drives, controller cards, motherboards, and other add-in boards...You make excellent products that few realize they very much need. Keep up the good work!"

Thomas S. Ahern

"Your company's cheerful and helpful attitude will help you keep lots of happy (and repeat) customers."

Tom Heiss

"I just wanted to write to tell you what an unusual pleasure it is to do business with PC Power & Cooling. The technicians I've spoken to all seemed to know their stuff thoroughly and seemed willing to share that information. The product that arrived this morning was well packaged and well documented. I was pleasantly surprised at all the little niceties that, taken together, give the impression of true concern for the customer and dedication to quality."

Stephen Rindsberg

"In the past two years, I have custom-built over 22 computers using PC Power & Cooling components...I have found that PC Power & Cooling does not just 'promise' quality products and service.... they Deliver!"

Earl Tyson

"You could buy cheaper no-name power supplies almost anywhere, but don't. PC Power and Cooling's units are better made and more reliable than anything in the field."

Ed Mendelson, PC Computing Magazine

"The premier power-supply maker!"

John Dvorak PC Magazine


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